DIY Faceshield Tutorial

Facemasks and face shields have become the new essentials for 2020. With the heightened alert surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, supplies for personal protective equipment are not able to keep up with the demand. I have been inspired by a lot of my creative colleagues who are leading in supporting the community and front-liners by producing facemasks, gloves, caps, and PPEs.

I am sharing with you this tutorial on making your homecrafted face shields. 

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-Fabric (cotton, nylon, natural fibers recommended)

-Acetate (or in my version, I repurpose a heavy-duty plastic envelope)

-Bias Tape (or cut a Bias strip from your leftover fabric)

-1/4 inch Garter

-Padded Fiberfill (I use a fiberfill sheet from a shoulder pad)

Please check the rest of the tutorial by watching the video tutorial here:

You can download the Free pattern here

DISCLAIMER: A fabric DIY mask will not stop a virus. Only a medical grade masks can possibly protect you from COVID-19. 

Let us all take part in flattening the curve by observing social distancing and proper hygiene. Always refer to our established health institutions, the local and national government for information and health guidelines.

By ia coca

Cebu Based Fashion Designer

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