Your Guide to Intimate Weddings in the Coronavirus-era

With new regulations put in place to help mitigate the coronavirus outbreak, weddings might look a bit different post-lockdown. Some couples have postponed their weddings for next year but there are still a lot of couples that are optimistic to tie the knot in 2020. The rise of intimate weddings and “minimonies” are now becoming a trend in the bridal industry. And our wedding suppliers have been hard at work and quick at coming up with creative solutions and thoughtful recommendations to help you prepare your big day.

I have reached out to Carlo Abaquita, the CEO and head stylist of Unique Weddings and Events, to answer some questions from our couples.

How small the couples can downsize their guest list?
“The maximum number of people both in ceremony or reception should only be twenty. The smaller the better to prevent the spreading of any viruses (if there is).”

UPDATE: as of 6/02/20 IATF limits number of persons in religious gathering to 10 in GCQ areas.

Who should be wearing face masks? How about gloves? Should they wear them too during photo ops?
“We have protocols to follow and we should not break those rules. Wearing a face mask is a must. However, we can take them off during photo op. Social distancing should be followed as well. Gloves are not necessary, washing of hands is… “

Custom-made bridal face masks from Ia Coca Atelier soon to come!

Do you think intimate weddings will be a trend even for next year?
“Considering the drastic change we have encountered, it is an option for clients to pursue their biggest dreams in life, and that is to get married. Majority of the Filipinos like prestige than intimate.”

Intimate set-up by Carlo Abaquita

Ms. Jacky Acebes, CEO of Cebu Weddings and Events has also shared her insights with our couples’ questions.

Weekday or a weekend?
“Usually it is the weekend but it really depends on the couple’s decision so it doesn’t matter”

Plated Meals Vs. Buffet meals
“Plated meals is a better option for an intimate gathering”

Indoor or Open-Air?
“I think an outdoor or open-air setting is the best for me when it comes to styling”

Jacky also recommends putting special sanitary instructions in the invitation letter for guests. Like bringing of rubbing alcohol and constant sanitation.

by Jack Acebes of Cebu Weddings and Events

When asked about any advice to give to couples planning to have their intimate weddings for this year, this is what Carlo Abaquita said, “Always take precautionary measures and embrace reality. What is important is you both project love to be united as one and be blessed.”.

Whether you are postponing your wedding for next year or downsizing your celebration for this year, one thing is always certain, love is not canceled.

UPDATE: As of 06/02/20 recent guidelines have been released by the IATF regarding religious gatherings under GCQ.

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