Tips on nailing your engagement shoot

I don’t know about you but looking at engagement photos and videos get me all excited and fuzzy inside. It’s like watching a romance novel come to life!

Engagement shoots have become a staple part of the wedding planning. It is about capturing moments that tell your story and love. Good thing, the wedding industry houses the best creative talents that can transform your engagement sesh into a storytelling art-form. Geof Lagria, the stylist and creative director of Geof Lagria Styling, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with, has crafted incredible styled sets and themed shoots around the world. He shares to us great tips on how to nail your engagement session:

1. How do you choose a theme for the engagement shoot with your client?

I actually have them decide on what they really want for their shoot, on how they want to see themselves in a photo. And then from there I get to pick up their personalities and their wants base on their own narratives. Concepts varies depende talaga sa tao. Meron client gusto simple lang, meron client gusto elegant, then meron din gusto nila yung unique or artsy ganon.

2. What makes a viral engagement shoot?

Literal na mag viral talaga are the ones that are unique and heartfelt and hindi usual nakikita ng mga netizens. I’ve had shoots that became viral talaga, the one in Abellana, they’re both high school lovers, and I think na appreciate talaga mg netizens yung thought na sentimental ang school nila. Then I also had a shoot in a sabongan. There’s this one in Carbon Street (Cebu) then casual and happy trying all the streetfoods. Theres these two that really stood out na heartfelt talaga it became viral nationwide. We have a couple and they lost a child then after na burn down yung bahay. Grabe yung incidents sa life nila. And the other one naman is I had a client na she’s on her stage 4 ng lung cancer nya, but still they chose to get maried and ma bless. We were in tears talaga while shooting.

Photographed by: Wildfolks Studios

3. Describe your favorite engagement shoot set.

These are the ones na dreamy, poetic ang feels, and romantic talaga. One of my favorite concept talaga is Alice in Wonderland. Hands down. I always get excited everytime a client ask for it. It is so detailed kase and i love the characters.

4. Tips for our dear couples on how to prepare for the shoot?

Tips for future clients na nag prep for their shoot would be dapat talaga is to meet the suppliers in person, usap sila in detail about everything thats gonna happen sa shoot, set proper expectations para walang surprises and para maka pag run through sa itinerary ng araw ng shoot. My main reason why I have to meet my clients talaga, is para makapag build nako ng connection sa kanila, so sa araw ng shoot hindi na awkward and happy lang kami mag wowork.

5. Some of our dear couples are not comfortable around the camera, any pointers you can share?

I always get this from my clients, “Geof, I don’t know how to pose. Awkward talaga ako. Im not like your previous clients.” Ganern haha You know what, I always tell them na they shouldn’t worry kase none of my previous clients are models or professionals when it comes to posing. Its normal to feel that way. We are here, the team, and we’ll direct them all through out the shoot. Ma surprise nalang sila sa transformation. And thats my favorite part.

6. How soon should the couples release the official engagement photos?

Engagement photos pwede na sila i release 2-3 month before the wedding para may patikim na sila and let everyone know that they’re getting married.

And as we ended our chat, Geof added:

Lahat cguro pangarap ikasal and most of you guys waited a long time for this fairytale to happen. Its gonna be a tideous preparation on your wedding journey but you just have to enjoy the process. This is about the two of you. Its really fun to get married!

Whether you have a creative team helping you out or organizing it yourself, don’t let your upcoming engagement session stress you out so much . All you need to do as a couple is to lay out your authentic story and enjoy the creative process!

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